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Industria del Jade en Guatemala

The end of the Jade industry by the Spanish conquest.
When Hernán Cortés arrived in Veracruz in 1519, Ambassador Moctezuma gave Cortés two necklecces of jade, saying: "give these stones, only to his great King of Spain: each jade necklace is equivalent to two charges of gold". The Spanish claimed jade carving and trading as "idolatry" (adoration or worship of false idols), and abolished the use of jade, under threat of death, in order to convince the inhabitants of the Americas to convert to Christianity.

The new jade industry in Guatemala
When the jade mines were rediscovered after 470 years of the Spanish conquest, nobody in Guatemala thought that "Jade" had any intrinsic value. Since 1974 the rise of the jade industry in Guatemala has led to over 3000 jobs for local Guatemalans. Since the rediscovery of the lost Maya jade mines by Jay and Marylou Ridinger 34 years ago jade has become a national treasure in Guatemala.

Sustainable Mining Practices
Currently the jade industry in Guatemala benefits farmers, miners, carvers and a number of other professions that find their livelihood through gainful employment because of jade. Prosperity, peace, health and education has been promoted at all levels. It is a green industry, consisting of surface mining techniques. No earth is moved with machinery, no rivers are polluted and no trees are cut.
A better area for cultivating.

We improve the area of the farm-land through the removal of jade in the small fields of maize, which is why local farmers are able to plant more.

crops rather than having to plough around a stone of jade; for them a Boulder of jade is very heavy and difficult to lift and remove it from the area of cultivation.

An honest mining operation
Since the the 70´s the jade industry in Guatemala has high ethical standards. Jade is evaluated by renowned laboratories to test the content of mineral inclusions and chemical composition. This is done to ensure that jade is a 100% genuine treasure of Guatemala.

Abuse Asian Jade
Guatemalan jade is not treated chemically. No bleaching, dying, heat treatment or impregnation of polymers is done as they commonly do in Asia.

Reproductions of high quality jade artifacts provides to customers who are connoisseurs and collectors the option to purchase and enjoy legitimate jade and slows down the market of illegal trafficking of pre-Columbian jade.Pre-colombian Mayan artifacts are part of Guatemala's national heritage and belong in museums.

Good job opportunity
The Statistics say that 1.5 million Guatemalans are living and working in the United States. Of 1,500 people who have worked with jade in Guatemala in the past 34 years, is only known that four of them have immigrated to the United States. The majority of people working in the jade industry is proud of their work and the opportunity to excell and enjoys life in Guatemala. Half of the employees of Jade Maya are single mothersLas estadísticas dicen que 1,5 millones de guatemaltecos viven y trabajan en los EE.UU.

Guatemalans happy with decent work through the Jade Guatemala.